Continued collaboration with Il Segnalibro Agency and the Books in Real Time series

The second edited story, entitled 'What if? On the Moon in 20 minutes', is dedicated to the Omega Speedmaster 'Dark Side of the Moon', starring on the cover of L'Orologio 220, currently on newsstands.

Below, instructions and the QR-Code to download the ebook.



What is an ebook

An ebook is a book in electronic format. It is therefore a file that can be consulted on computers, the latest generation of mobile phones and special digital readers (ereaders). It does not merely reproduce the paper document, but tries to replicate its form, so as to make the reading as similar as possible to that which one would have by leafing through the pages of a book.

The electronic book has advantages due to its digital nature:

- possibility of hypertext

- incorporate multimedia elements

- speed and economy of distribution.


Difference between epub and PDF formats

In the epub, the text is automatically reshaped by the device on which it is read, whereas in the PDF, the text is linked to the concept of a page with its own size that has to be adapted to individual screens. By producing an epub, one is sure that the ebook can be read optimally on any screen, (of a mobile phone, ereader, PC).

When distributing a PDF, the size of the page must be defined, so someone with a mobile phone or reading on a larger screen will see a page that is not optimised.


To read an ebook

- If you have an ereader, the application to read them is already built in

- If you use a Pc, you can use Abode Digital Editions, which can be downloaded free of charge from

(just do it the first time)


How to buy an ebook

To facilitate the purchase of the ebook and minimise the acquisition process, we have used the QRcode, a code that speeds up the process and allows access to the online store. Directly from your mobile device.


In what way?

If you don't already have it built into your mobile phone:

1. download the free application for your mobile device (just do it the first time)

If you use an iPhone, download QR Reader for iPhone,

If you use an Android Smartphone, download QR Droid

2. Frame and scan the QRcode

3. The QRcode takes you directly to the online store where you can buy

4. Pay by prepaid card or by debiting your phone credit.