New from Lorenz: a watch with depth display device

The fruitful collaboration between Lorenz and Citizen has resulted in a truly original depth gauge. Its particularity lies in the bezel: its thickness is quite substantial in order to accommodate a device for indicating the depth, up to a maximum of 50 metres. It is a classic Bourdon tube, i.e. a thin elliptical tube whose axis describes a circumference and which, opened at one end in the form of a small vertical cylinder, is capable of capturing pressure variations. By immersing the watch in water, the tube fills and deforms under the action of water pressure. As the pressure increases, the closed end of the tube moves and positions itself at the index of the graduated scale corresponding to the depth reached up to that moment. With a 44 millimetre diameter case made of ABS, a thermoplastic material, and a polyurethane strap, it is fitted with a Miyota 2315 quartz movement. It is available in four colour variants - light blue, yellow, black and red - a colour that is also reflected in the details of the special hermetically sealed case in which it is sold. Price: 89 euros. Lorenz's testimonial for the depth gauge is Alessia Zecchini, world apnea champion.