Garmin for golf

Garmin presents its new sportwatch, with integrated GPS, dedicated to all lovers of the green. Not only innovative functions that will help golfers improve their game shot after shot, but a refined design that allows its owner to wear the watch on and off the course. Approach S60, this is the name of Garmin's new creation, features a colour touchscreen display that is perfectly readable even in direct sunlight, on which you can easily view a wealth of data, such as information about the course you are on via CourseView, to help you tackle each hole without any surprises. It gives indications of the obstacles that will be encountered during the game, enabling the player to tackle them in the most correct way on one of more than 40,000 international golf courses, which are pre-loaded and can be updated free of charge. It is also customisable thanks to the interchangeable strap via the QuickFit™ system, which allows for quick release and immediate replacement by choosing from a variety of variants, from silicone to steel bracelets. Like the other Garmin watches dedicated to golf, Approach S60 is also compatible with the new Garmin Golf app, thanks to which it is possible to keep track of the results obtained on one or more courses, either one's own, those of fellow players or of other Garmin users, drawing up a real weekly ranking and organising virtual tournaments. The app can also be used to record the score obtained during a game in real time, as it is synchronised to the wrist device via your smartphone. Approach S60 also functions as a true fitness band by providing information on the level of daily physical activity, such as the number of steps taken during the day, total distance travelled, calories burned since midnight each day, and monitors the quality of sleep. Like a smartwatch, it also enables Smart Notification to receive push notifications, SMS, incoming calls and emails from your smartphone. When connected to the app, it provides information on the weather forecast so the player can better prepare for the field. It has a battery life of up to 10 hours in GPS mode and up to 10 days in watch mode, with active daily physical activity monitoring. It is water-resistant to 5 atmospheres and is available in the best shops starting this June at a price of EUR 449.99. A Premium version, featuring a ceramic bezel and black leather strap, is also available at a price of €549.99.