Charitable commitment

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Also François-Paul Journetogether with other important personalities, decided to support theICMthe Brain and Spinal Cord Institute. The laying of the association's foundation stone took place in Paris on 18 June last and symbolises the desire to prevent and cure spinal cord disorders. To raise funds to support medical research, the famous master watchmaker contributed part of the proceeds from sales of the prestigious Centigraphe Souverain, a mechanical chronograph capable of measuring one hundredth of a second. These are the words of François-Paul Journe about the initiative: "I have been very lucky in my life, even though I have had to work a lot, and I wish to share my dream come true with those who have not been so lucky. Since spinal cord disorders affect one in eight people, they have become a serious public health problem, and I am very proud to be working alongside people I respect very much for a cause that affects us all'.