New Corum ambassador

Nuovo ambasciatore Corum

The partnership between Corum and the world of sailing: the Maison's new ambassador is in fact Ben Ainslie, the 31-year-old English skipper, already the holder of three Olympic medals, who is preparing to participate in the next Olympic Games in Beijing. Here he will be competing in the men's solo category aboard Finn, a boat he knows to perfection given his five world titles won in this category. But Ben is also a lover of watches, as evidenced by his passion for Corum's Admiral's Cup Tides 48, an indispensable navigation instrument that provides useful information on the tides: lunar cycles and tidal strength, an estimate of water levels, the strength of currents and the time of the tide. All these functions, with which the CO-277 calibre is equipped, are visible on the dial of the watch thanks to the presence of three counters: the one at 12 o'clock indicates the various stages of the moon, in relation to the position of the earth and the sun, and defines the force of the tides expressed through coefficients ranging from 95 to 120 and from 20 to 45; the counter at 6 o'clock indicates the times of high and low tide over a 24-hour period; at 9 o'clock, the rise and fall of the tide is shown, together with the intensity of the current.

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