Jewellery Colombo: photo contest

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, Gioielleria Colombo, a historic boutique in Casatenovo, has launched a social contest entitled 'Colli Briantei - una storia d'amore'. The aim is to highlight the company's attachment to the territory that has been home to the company for seventy years. The contest, which started on 2 February, will be active for 10 days, until the 12th of the month. Users of Gioielleria Colombo's social pages will be asked to send in their favourite photo taken in the Colli Briantei area. The best five will be published on the jeweller's Instagram and Facebook profiles on 14 February: the photo that receives the most likes on the day will win the contest and become the protagonist of the boutique's windows in the centre of Casatenovo, with a giant picture that will be displayed on the town's main street in Piazza Mazzini. "With this initiative today we want to celebrate the prestige and beauty of the area in which we live, an area that has given us so much," said Dario Colombo, owner of the jewellery store that bears his name.