Zannetti and Luzzago: Tribute to Alfa Romeo

Zannetti e Luzzago: Tributo all'Alfa Romeo

On Saturday 15 November, an Alfa Romeo collector car auction was held in Roncadelle, in the province of Brescia. The auction was organised by Luzzago, Italy's largest seller of classic cars, based of course in Brescia (the world capital of collector cars, considering that the Mille Miglia has always started there),

The event was also attended by watch manufacturer Zannettiwhich exhibited some new models from the Times of Drivers 'Luzzago limited edition' series, handmade one by one and customisable with a photo of your own car. In fact, we would like to point out that it is now possible to have the design of one's own car hand-engraved on the dial of one of the watches in the Zannetti collection (Regent or Times of Drivers): simply provide a photo of the car and wait about 60 days.

During the auction dedicated to Alfa Romeo, Zannetti also offered for sale a unique model, again from the Time of Drivers collection, customised especially for the occasion, called the 'Giulietta Spider'. A special dial, once again intended for lovers of speed and performance, characterised by engraving and enamelling carried out entirely by hand.

The Time of Drivers 'Giulietta Spider' chronograph fetched an impressive €6,300. "An excellent result, which makes us very happy," commented Riccardo Zannetti, CEO of the watchmaker, "especially because it cements the link between our quality watchmaking and the world of speed, cars, and top-level collecting. We will continue along this path, because we have found some important travelling companions, but above all because we believe, we first of all, in the fascination of power, of engines, of speed, but also of precision'.

For information: Zannetti, Tel. 06/68192566