Euro 2020: players' watches

A retailer of 'second wrist' watches and part of the Richemont Group since 2018, Watchfinder & Co. has compiled a ranking for Euro 2020, based on the watch collections of each national team. At the top is Portugal, with a watch collection estimated to be worth at least €6.2 million. Cristiano Ronaldo owns, among others, a Franck Muller Cintrée Tourbillon and a Breguet Double Tourbillon set with diamonds, estimated at over €1,160,000 and €650,000 respectively. Also worth mentioning is defensive midfielder William Carvalho, who owns at least two Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and a Richard Mille RM010, with a total estimated value of 139,000 euros.
In second place is France, with a watch collection valued at just over EUR 2.1 million. Paul Pogba and Ousmane Dembele share a passion for Patek Philippe: Dembele owns a 5976 Chronograph in white gold, produced to celebrate 40 years of the Nautilus, while Pogba was seen wearing a 5719 Nautilus model in white gold set with diamonds. These two watches alone have an estimated value of €812,000.
England follows France in third place, with a collection worth around €1.6 million and 17 Rolexes occupying a large part of the team's collection. Other notable pieces include two Pateks: Harry Kane's 5164R Aquanaut Travel Time and a 5980R Nautilus Chronograph with an estimated value of €307,000.
Spain comes fourth, with a collection valued at just over €1.2 million that includes Thiago Alcantara's Richard Mille RM35-02 Carbon (aka the Nadal), valued at around €418,000.
Germany is in fifth place with a watch collection valued at almost €1 million. With more than half of the German collection consisting of Patek Philippe watches, mostly steel iterations of the recently discontinued and incredibly hard-to-find Nautilus 5711.
Next comes, in sixth position, the Italian national team. Italy's watch collection is estimated to be worth more than €831,000. With the exception of Lorenzo Insigne and his Richard Mille RM11-03 Titanium Flyback Chronograph, with an estimated value of €290,000, most of the team prefers classic Rolex sports models. In fact, 14 players in the team own at least one Rolex, all together with an estimated value of €312,000. Also worth mentioning is Leonardo Bonucci and his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 'openwork' in rose gold, valued at around 192,000 euros.
Other notable mentions go to individual players. Swiss midfielder Steven Zuber, for instance, has a serious passion for vintage Rolexes and was seen sporting a rare Rolex GMT 1675 'Cornino'. Finnish player Paulus Arajuuri lets design guide his watch selection with his collection including a gold Casio W-59 digital watch.
The list is not exhaustive because these players certainly also own other watches in addition to those mentioned. Among the brands, Rolex took the lion's share with an average of 10 watches per team in the top 10. Germany boasts a few fewer Rolexes, but had the greatest variety of brands in the top 5 with manufacturers such as IWC, TAG Heuer and Hublot appearing several times on the wrists of the Teutonic champions.