The sense of volume for Cartier

Geometric motifs, precious materials and vivid colours: Clash [Un]limited and the savoir-faire of the Maison Cartier.

Beauty comes to the fore with the Clash [Un]limited, an all-female jewellery watch in which geometry, a fixed constant for Cartier, takes centre stage. Demonstrating this is the set of rounded corners that blend well with seductive interplays of full and empty.

But also the alternation of round and square shapes, those of the precious yellow or pink gold spheres, combined with violet gold and placed in the centre of the bracelet, whose peculiarity is that they rotate on themselves, and those of the clou carré, literally 'square nails', typical of the Clash collection, placed on the upper and lower sides of the case and also in violet gold.

And again, the bevelled dial, silver-plated or in white or pink gold paved with diamonds, whose 'angular' appearance is accentuated by the sixteen-facetted protective glass.

Clash [Un]limited also stars exceptional creations whose stones enhance the design in black and white with onyx, black spinels, obsidian and diamonds or in colour, with coral, black spinels, chrysoprase, tsavorites and diamonds.

All models in the collection are in a limited series, with a quartz movement, and its measurements are approximately 18 mm x 33 mm. The price is on request.