Editorial - Is the oversize fashion over?

The enthusiast public is dictating a new trend. Smaller cases, even below 40 millimetres.

Tudor Black Bay 54It seems that Italian enthusiasts all agree on one thing: the era of oversize watches is over. The great applause for the Tudor Black Bay 54 with a 37-millimetre diameter and the growing criticism of watches from 40 millimetres upwards bear witness to this.

Omega Seamaster Shades

Following the wave, in the next issue of L'Orologio, on newsstands in a few days' time, you will find a buyer's guide dedicated precisely to 'genderless' models with 37 and 38 millimetre cases.

Panerai Luminor Due TuttoOro

And yet, talking to dealers, not only the supply, but also the demand for larger watches is still very high and far greater than for smaller models. Just as the date display remains a fixed point, sought after by most customers, contrary to the opinion of the most active users on social networks and forums. Why this discrepancy?

Seiko King Seiko

I am inclined to think that the influencers (the real ones, i.e. those who follow the industry driven by passion) are slowly dictating a trend, even if this still does not coincide with the common taste of all customers. After all, it is always the public closest to the product that anticipates trends


And by dint of peremptory comments and stylistic jabs at watch brands, at least in Europe the opinion leaders are already achieving some results. There is a growing offer of models without a date display and several brands are downsizing their timepieces, even those that were born oversized almost a century ago. And you, which trend do you embrace: that of the general public or the hardcore enthusiasts?