The L'Orologio blog on Il Messaggero!

Il Blog de L'Orologio su Il Messaggero!

Yesterday, Sunday 27 May, the insert of the newspaper The Messenger dedicated to watchmaking. A mention among Internet information channels was also given to our Blog, complete with logo image.

The insert is online at the address of the Roman newspaper.

Here we transcribe the article dedicated to the watch media:

"THE BIRTH of a specialised watchmaking press in Italy dates back to October 1987, with the first magazine in the world destined for newsstands (until then, there was only one magazine destined exclusively for operators in the sector, which is still active today: La Clessidra, Sothis Editrice). Others followed over the years, culminating in today's proliferation with several monthly magazines with a national circulation: L'Orologio, Chrono World by Argò Editore, Orologi-Le Misure del Tempo, published by Chronomedia and OM by Sondep. Four, instead, are the reference yearbooks, three of which are linked to the above-mentioned titles and one published by Tourbillon, entitled Orologi meccanici più prestigiosi del mondo.

All these publications have contributed to the formation of a well-prepared and attentive public of enthusiasts, much more aware than in the past of the characteristics of the products they are buying. One example above all concerns perhaps the most famous of watches: the Rolex 'Daytona'. It was precisely an Italian magazine that revealed that the movement used on the penultimate version of this model was a Zenith "El Primero" chronograph, contrary to what was officially stated by the parent company, which was obliged to change version.

A small part of the specialised magazine readership (about 5% of the readers) now also finds itself on the web, gathering in forums and blogs, sharing both passion and knowledge. The most clicked addresses in Italy are:,;; as far as forums are concerned; for blogs instead, managed by the editorial staff of L'Orologio magazine. It must be said that forums are also a source of information, but their power of aggregation derives above all from the possibility of buying and selling watches in the areas reserved for this very activity, and the principle on which they are based is that of sharing information, gathered from around the net or obtained from personal knowledge, with no guarantees as to the sources. Therefore, they should be considered more as a 'meeting point' where we can make friends with people who share our same passion. To get real information on the Internet, it is better to turn to the websites of newspapers or directly to the websites of watch manufacturers, which have grown in quality and richness of content in recent years."