TAG Heuer on the podium with Kimi Raikkonen

TAG Heuer sul podio insieme a Kimi Raikkonen

A very favourable moment for the brand TAG Heuer celebrating the victory of its ambassador Kimi Raikkonen at the 2009 Belgian Grand Prix on 30 August. Proudly wearing his Carrera Tachy Day date 43mm on his wrist on the podium, the Ferrari driver said: 'We started badly, we were behind the top teams, we took a step forward in Barcelona, even if it was not enough. We are thinking more about next year and to win here was perfect. My goal was to win at least one race and this car really helped us. We were maybe not the fastest on the lap, but we were for the final result." And about the next races: "We are aiming for third place in the Constructors' Championship, this win is very useful. I hope we can also have other good results.

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