A Time Box for Clive Owen

Una Scatola del Tempo per Clive Owen

For some time now, the Como-based company Scatola del Tempo has delighted in paying homage to some of Hollywood's most beautiful and famous people with its exclusive products, as part of a strategy of expansion into the American market.

This time Time Box wanted to offer one of its exclusive products to English actor Clive Owen in Los Angeles. Here he is pictured next to his new Time Box, where he can now store and wind the Omega watch he wears on his wrist. If we are not mistaken, it is a De Ville Co-Axial Chronometer.

The Scatola del Tempo company was founded at the end of the 1980s by the intuition of a collector, Sandro Colarieti, who, in search of watch holders to match the quality of his collection, decided to make them on his own account, using skilled craftsmen and first-rate materials.

After producing a small series, for himself and as a gift for friends, he began to receive requests from other collectors and manufacturing companies. Thus was born the Scatola del Tempo, today appreciated and known all over the world with its special watch case design.

In 1990 it was the turn of the rotating watch holders, designed to ensure the winding of automatics, so as to retain not only the time display, but also the date.

Sandro Colarieti then created the 1RT model, the progenitor of a long series, which was immediately so successful that it was also used by the biggest Swiss watchmakers. Patek Philippe, for example, has adopted such devices for its models for more than 15 years. The rotors are equipped with a high-precision micro-motor controlled by a microprocessor; they can rotate both clockwise and anticlockwise, allowing any automatic movement to be kept wound for more than a year. The motors are Swiss made but final assembly takes place in Italy, as does quality control on both the finishing materials and the functioning of the mechanical parts.