Swatch celebrates 40 years of Corto Maltese

Swatch festeggia i 40 anni di Corto Maltese

For all fans of the hero born from the pencil of Hugo Pratt, Swatch has created two Jelly in Jelly models, one of which is a limited edition of 11,111 pieces worldwide (pictured is the non-limited model).

Swatch Corto Maltese unlimited edition

Cream-coloured plastic strap. The print on the 6 o'clock side of the strap shows Corto Maltese in light-coloured trousers, red waistcoat, loose tie, unbuttoned blue captain's jacket and cockade cap. From the shoulders forward, the comic book king is portrayed on the cream-coloured dial. The strap on the 12 o'clock side bears Corto Maltese's signature in black. Buckle, loop and case in transparent plastic. Black hour and minute hands and a slender seconds hand elegantly trace their circular path.