Bobo Vieri and G-Shock

While he proves, thanks to endurance videos posted on his social channels, that he is the champion he always was, with his unfailing charge and irony Bobo Vieri asks his followers if they are as indestructible as him, and if they are therefore deserving of a G-Shock for Christmas. No Bobo Christmas then: gifts must be deserved and it is certainly not easy to challenge the Bomber. Vieri's invitation is therefore to spread the challenge as widely as possible in the search for the most "BOBOSHOCK" among his fans, tagging the person from whom you would like to receive a G-Shock to put under the tree.The watches worn by the champion are the key models of this Christmas season, as well as 2020 best-sellers, namely the GA-2100, the timeless classic GA-110 in the holiday black & gold colourway and the new GA-900. The viral challenge is online on the brand's and Bobo Vieri's social media from 1 to 24 December 2020, with Bobo Vieri as indestructible as ever, and determined not to be beaten, even at Christmas.