Bovet 1822 and Rolls-Royce: an exclusive collaboration

Thanks to the patented Amadéo system, these new Bovet 1822 timepieces can be transformed from a wristwatch into a pocket/pendant model, a table clock or even a dashboard clock. Born in the mind of a Rolls-Royce and Bovet 1822 collector, the concept consisted of designing and building a bespoke Rolls-Royce and two exclusive Bovet 1822 timepieces, one for himself and the other for his wife, to be worn together. The three years dedicated to development led the two companies to create something that neither had ever achieved before. Since the tourbillon timepieces were intended to be mounted in the car as dashboard watches, the development phase was changed completely, precisely because the watches were to be considered part of the car itself. Therefore, the mount and the timepiece (all 51 components were designed and manufactured by Bovet) had to be tested like any other part of the car for vibration, safety, protection and much more. The House of Fleurier therefore had to develop two timepieces that could be worn on the wrist and instantly transformed into dashboard watches, of course after being mounted on a special interlocking bracket. "As a long-time passionate Rolls-Royce owner, I am particularly delighted to have the opportunity to work on this special bespoke creation project," explains Pascal Raffy, owner of Bovet 1822. "The technicians, designers, watchmakers and craftsmen at Bovet 1822 went to great lengths to customise these extraordinary timepieces for customers, incorporating their wishes and key elements from the custom-built car itself and even creating unique movements. In addition, both watches can be placed on a specially designed stand, effectively making them part of the car and therefore subject to the norms of automotive production standards. I am very proud of the Bovet 1822 team, which worked in collaboration with Rolls-Royce's expert designers to create something spectacular," Raffy continues. "The owners of the one-off and these bespoke timepieces are dear friends of mine and esteemed Bovet 1822 collectors, so it was important to really go the extra mile for them. These are two unique pieces, unlike anything we have done before. For Rolls-Royce, this novelty represents a return to the brand's glorious past. "This is a defining moment for the House of Rolls-Royce. We are proud to present the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail to the world and, with it, the confirmation of the bodywork as a permanent fixture in our future equipment," said Rolls-Royce Chief Executive Torsten Müller-Ötvös. The support mechanism was completely designed by Bovet: the company's designers and engineers focused on adapting the patented Amadéo convertible system, introduced in 2010 and widely established, adopting it as the basis of the mechanism. The timepieces, the stand and the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail were designed at the same time. The two watches, one for men and one for women, sport 44 mm cases in 18-carat white gold and are equipped with a tourbillon device, as well as special dials on both sides of the case. The men's model has a polished finish, while the women's model is richly engraved and sprinkled with blue lacquer, executed entirely in the brand's own workshop. Both timepieces sport a front dial with hand-applied Obsidian Ayous ebony inlay (the same wood used for the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail), with the name of each owner on the dial, along with a hand-carved and engraved reproduction of the "Spirit of Ecstasy" statuette (the famous Rolls-Royce emblem) on the tourbillon bridge. The statuette (made of 18-carat gold) is the fruit of several weeks' work by Bovet craftsmen. The wooden inlay is also made by a highly specialised craftsman. On the opposite side, the dials are also customised. The men's model displays an aventurine dial with the owner's celestial card. The ladies' model, on the other hand, sports a miniaturised painted reproduction of a bouquet of flowers on a mother-of-pearl dial. Finally, both rear dials feature customised hand-engraved depictions of the custom-built Boat Tail, with lacquer to match the car's colour and miniaturised painted details.