Casio presents the new G-Shock GA-500

ga-500_1Casio is also launching in Italy a new series of analogue-digital watches, the G-Shock GA-500, featuring a brand new case in addition to the brand's now historic cases. Their style is reminiscent of the world of urban sports and features a case that has never been seen before: with its round dial, which retains the bold features typical of the G-Shock collection, and its "cross" design, the GA-500s evoke the wheels of bicycles or skateboards. Every detail, such as the hour and minute hands and retrograde hand, emphasise the watches' design, achieved through Casio's innovative resin moulding technology. The side buttons have an angled shape, so as to minimise contact with the wrist and avoid discomfort in movement. The most eye-catching button, however, because of its size, is the stopwatch button, located on the underside of the case and operated by light pressure. Among the GA-500's functions, particularly useful are the five independent alarms that can, for example, be set to notify you when you reach your 'goals' during training phases. The dual-coil motor, patented by Casio, starts the LCD display located at 6 o'clock and equipped with a retrograde hand, which makes it very easy to read even while practising a sport. The functions that can be operated via this display are in fact numerous, among them the use of the stopwatch and the choice of different watch modes. In the more classic Black version with silver (GA-500-1AE) or burgundy (GA-500-1A4) details, or in the more flamboyant White version with a Black dial (GA-500-7A), the GA-500 series also differs from its predecessors in its extremely low weight of just 75 grams. Features of the G-Shock GA-500 include, of course, high shock resistance, world-time function, countdown timer, automatic calendar, LCD display and LED illumination.