What we talk about when we talk about exclusivity

How is the concept of exclusivity defined: is it an absolute or relative value? Can it be constructed a priori?

Gianni Agnelli

Once upon a time, lhe exclusivity of a product was built on the taste of influential people. A watch became desirable because it had been seen on Gianni Agnelli's wrist and perhaps only he had the style to wear it.

It was exclusive in that not everyone could afford it, but not only in terms of its price or its availability. Quite simply, fifty years ago there was the style of ordinary people and the uncommon style of people who could flaunt an elegant nonconformity that perhaps no longer exists.

Gianni Agnelli

Of course lemulation was not lacking, but in the 1980s those who imitated l'Lawyer was labelled a yuppie and had nothing original about him. Today, people's spirit of emulation is the leverage of any marketing campaign. With the sad circumstance that influential people, those who would have us emulate them, are measured in 'followers': it doesn't matter who you are or what you do, but how many people 'follow' you, i.e. see you on a mobile phone while travelling on the metro (when it's going well).
La ease of the mechanism is obvious and exclusive, in my opinion, has nothing to do with it.

Gianni Agnelli

So, what makes a watch highly desirable in 2022?
La difficult to find on the market? La resaleability? La a priori limitation of parts?

Personally, I believe that desirable and exclusive is thatwatch that only we have the culture of understanding, evaluating and judging the right product for us. La actual limitation in terms of pieces produced can become an added value, as can a detail that links it to an anniversary, an institution or simply to a world that represents our other passions. LThe important thing is that we ourselves make the our 'exclusive' choice.

And you, what do you think?

Dody Giussani

Gianni Agnelli