The Clock Club is born!

L'Orologio Club
L'Club Watch

Finally, an all-Italian club for watch enthusiasts.

The Orologio Club was created with the aim of bringing together watch lovers and the protagonists of this world: watch manufacturers, retailers, experts, journalists.

On the page of the Club you can read about the many benefits to which joining this brand new initiative of L'Orologio and the Argò publishing house entitles you, including access to guided tours of the manufactures of the Brands that are enthusiastically embracing the project, which are increasing by the day.

In addition, it is already possible to book for the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Club event in Milan, subject to availability.

Therefore, connect to www.orologioclub.itto be constantly informed about the initiatives of L'Orologio Club: we look forward to seeing you!