Fortis and Space TV

Fortis e Space TV

Since this 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy, if you are on the Riviera Romagnola at mid-August, we recommend that you drop by the Space Show to be held on the 15th at Rimini's Darsena at 9 pm. This is the first international event dedicated to the world of stars and space, with which Fortis inaugurates collaboration with Space TV, organiser of the show. Space TV was set up six months ago with the aim of being the first web and Sky television to speak at 360° about space, flight, astronomy, science, culture and the environment, and today presents the first major event dedicated to this world with its protagonists ready to share experiences and emotions with the public present.

The event hosted by Claudia Borroni and Paolo Manila will see personalities from the world of science, flight and space take turns on stage and boasts the extraordinary participation of Italy's first astronaut Umberto Guidoni (interviewed by L'OROLOGIO in its February 2003 issue 114). Also present will be meteorologist Andrea Giuliacci and many protagonists from the world of the sky such as the Italian Air Force, the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the European Space Agency (ESA). There will also be a space for music with Global Universal Simphony and Stefano Rava Band.

For information: TimeItalia tel. 0541/787898