Girard-Perregaux - Partnership with the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Girard-Perregaux is celebrating its partnership with the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, one of the world's leading film organisations, by presenting a selection of images in an art book that pays tribute to the history and the link between the cinematic arts and the watchmaking tradition. The photographs were selected from the archives of the Academy and the Swiss brand. "Girard-Perregaux is proud to present these images that confirm, through an analysis of the creative process, the raison d'être of our association with the Academy Museum," says Michele Sofisti, CEO of Sowind and Girard-Perregaux. "Making a watch is a job of great patience, love and perseverance: the same ingredients needed to make a film." A further tribute to cinema by the watchmaker is the creation of the special edition Hawk Hollywoodland model made by the manufacture to pay tribute to the film community.