The luxury of Louis Vuitton

Il lusso di Louis Vuitton

5 Canton Road, Hong Kong, is the new address of Louis Vuitton. The boutique was opened on 14 March and is the brand's largest after the one in Paris. A grand façade and no less than four storeys of sales: the Parisian Maison has infused all its savoir-faire into the structure and furnishing of the new boutique, which joins the one in the elegant Landmark shopping centre, the first opened in the Asian city in 1979. The new store was enhanced by the work 'Luxury is slow' by Fabrizio Plessi, one of the pioneers of video art in Europe, which depicts a hypnotic vision of molten gold slowly cascading from a huge LED screen video and which will be on display in the boutique for six months. The artist has also teamed up with Louis Vuitton to create a digital handbag in black leather that displays images of molten gold through an ultra flat TFT-LCD screen with the LV logo. A limited edition of only 88 pieces, which will be sold exclusively in the Canton Road shop. The same number of pieces are also available for the special series of the Tambour Hologram Monogram Canton Road Golden and the Tambour 18 Canton Road Gold, specially made for the new opening. The first has a steel case with a golden dial on which the Vuitton hologram appears and disappears against the light. The second is in yellow gold with a gold dial embellished with a spiral of Monogram flowers in white diamonds.