The history of the Louis Vuitton Cup told in a book

La storia della Louis Vuitton Cup narrata in un libro

The book entitled 'Louis Vuitton Cup, 25 Years of Sailing in Pursuit of the America's Cup', written by François Chevalier, with a foreword by Bruno Troublé, and published by La Martinière in Abrams US, was published on 2 October. The story recounts the 25 years of the fascinating adventure by retracing the years of the America's Cup's debut and the seven editions of the Louis Vuitton Cup, one of the most famous and prestigious sailing competitions held between 1983 and 2007 in the same waters that later hosted the America's Cup in the months leading up to the Cup itself. A specific chapter is dedicated to the America's Cup Jubilee organised by Louis Vuitton in 2001. The book has appendices that include navigation charts, maps of the race circuits, illustrations of boat designs and biographies of the protagonists of the race, as well as behind-the-scenes festivities etc. For further information: Louis Vuitton - Press Office Italy, tel. 02/

Author: François Chevalier - Work direction and foreword by Bruno Troublé

Title: Louis Vuitton Cup, 25 years of sailing in pursuit of the America's Cup

Format: 25 x 31 cm

Publisher: Editions de La Martinière and Abrams US

Pages: 208 pages

Price: €60, US$ 75, £40

Date of publication: 2 October 2008