The Haute Horlogerie of L'Orologio... Haute Horlogerie is born

L'Alta Orologeria de L'Orologio... Nasce Haute Horlogerie

The international edition of L'Orologio is born: Haute Horlogeriededicated exclusively to Alta Orolgoria.

But what is Haute Horlogerie?

The expression (Haute Horlogerie or Haute Horlogerie) indicates all those values that qualify a timepiece of high workmanship.

The values we are talking about are: originality, perfection of construction, the highest quality of raw materials, manual finishing of components, respect for watchmaking savoir faire, legitimacy of the brand or signature, care for the product but also for the services that a customer expects to buy together with the watch, respect for traditional values without being a slave to them, professional and industrial ethics, investment in research and the courage to innovate. All this is sometimes seasoned with a visionary spirit, which can give us enthusiasts unexpected emotions. While some brands now rightfully belong to the world of haute horlogerie, because none of their creations lack the qualities listed above, there are also lesser-known, or simply younger, names that may be able to offer haute horlogerie creations on a par with the great Maisons.

Thus, small brands or simple independent master watchmakers create true pieces of Haute Horlogerie, which animate the discussions of enthusiasts as much as the latest creations of much more emblazoned brands. I am thinking of the Beat Haldimanns, the Richard Milles and the David Zanettas of this world: watchmakers, designers and entrepreneurs, each with a vision and a deep understanding of the values of Haute Horlogerie that we have just listed above.

Over the years, the magazine L'Orologio has been strongly devoted to the presentation of Haute Horlogerie creations, so much so that the magazine's advertising claim is 'Haute Horlogerie finally unveiled'. Now, with the international edition Haute Horlogerie (in English, distributed in sixty countries by subscription), it is preparing to spread its vision of Haute Horlogerie beyond the borders of Italy...