The hour of the crocodile

L'ora del coccodrillo

René La Coste, the great tennis player of the 1920s, entered the myth in 1927 when he and his team 'The Musketeers' stole the Davis Cup from the Americans. The Lacoste crocodile symbol, on the other hand, owes its origins to the nickname given to the French tennis player, the alligator, for his tenacity on the courts. In 1933, with André Gillier, owner of France's largest knitwear factory, René Lacoste founded a company to produce T-shirts with the Crocodile embroidered on them. The idea of a visible logo on the polo shirt marked a milestone in the history of costume: it was in fact the first time that a brand name was placed on the outside of a garment.

This shirt was immediately adopted by the players, replacing the classic long-sleeved starched fabric shirt that the players had worn up to that time. The Lacoste 1212 polo shirt was white, slightly shorter than those then on the market, with a reinforced collar and short sleeves. This year, therefore, marks the 75th anniversary of the French company and to celebrate this event, a new watch was presented, the Tonneau 75th Anniversary. The time is shown via the jumping display mode, thanks to two discs visible on the dial. At 3 o'clock is the magnifying glass that allows the time to be read. It is also a limited and numbered edition of 750.