The Hour of Precious Time

On 23rd and 24th September, Vicenza will once again host the appointment with Tempo Prezioso, an exhibition event organised by Festina Italia that will bring together a selection of Italian watchmaking brands in a specially-equipped space in the park of Villa Bonin Maistrello (Via Oreficeria 21, Park entrance). Alongside the Festina Group brands - Festina, Lotus, Lotus Style, Lotus Silver, Calypso, Jaguar and Candino - Seiko Italia with the Seiko and Lorus brands will also be present, as well as Lynx with Green Time, Zzero, Smarty and Urban, and Timex Group with the Timex, Guess watches, Guess Jewellery, Versus Versace and Nautica brands. "For the second edition Tempo Prezioso is lining up 18 brands representing a decidedly significant slice of the market in the commercial segment. I am delighted that new companies have accepted the invitation to take part in this event in which we strongly believe and of which we are proud creators and organisers," comments Paolo Galimberti, General Manager of Festina Italia. "This is a new formula that is gaining consensus, especially from points of sale that can optimise time and purchasing methods. The structure dedicated to Tempo Prezioso will have an area of 450 square metres divided into two zones: 225 will be dedicated to the exhibition, open from 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. (both Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th), during which the collections of the participating brands will be presented; another 225 will be allocated to the evening event on 23rd September (from 8 p.m., strictly by invitation only), which will give guests the opportunity to meet and discuss in a convivial atmosphere.