The Watch is on newsstands!

Today we are back on newsstands with L'Orologio issue 298, August/September.
The cover is dedicated to one of this year's most eagerly awaited watches: the new Rolex Explorer II, which provided us with the opportunity to return to the origins of a brand that in everything, especially in its genesis, differs from the other historical names in the industry. Retracing the adventure of founder Hans Wilsdorf, I saw a parallel with the history of visionary companies such as Apple. In the case of Rolex, too, behind the scenes of a success beyond all expectations was the ingenuity of an inspired person, looking beyond his own time, ready to embrace novelty and get ahead of the competition in as yet unexplored fields such as nascent marketing. Or like the development of still unripe technologies, of which Wilsdorf was one of the first to realise the fundamental importance for the success of the wristwatch. The founder held the reins of the company until his death in 1960, which came not before he had taken all, but really all, the necessary precautions to ensure that his creature would continue to flourish after him.Not only Rolex. In this issue of L'Orologio, we interview several key players in the industry, from Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling, to Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Ulysse Nardin. We also recount the unstoppable rise of the Royal Oak in auction adjudications, following the world records set at the two most recent Antiquorum events, in Forte dei Marmi and Monaco. Then, since we have not forgotten that we are in summer, you will find a buying guide dedicated to 18 mechanical sports chronographs and, finally, two pages dedicated to VO'Clock and VO Vintage, the two Vicenzaoro watch events that will be held in September, from 11 to 13, of which L'Orologio is media partner.

Dody Giussani