Masera Design at the Fuorisalone

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile, which opened its doors on 8 April, Masera Design participates with its Atto Verticale and Offstage brands in the Fuorisalone event, organised by Uozu Lighting. Uozu Lighting, an important lighting company, is hosting a special exhibition dedicated to the exploration of spatial perception related to the presence of light and colour; animating this research is a group of talented artists and designers, who offer their perspective, such as Liz West and the Danish Kinetic Mobiles Copenhagen, together with the participation of Studio Bulbo and Masera Design. During the Salone, and more precisely from 8 to 12 April, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., there will be workshops held by representatives of the brands present; yesterday, 9 April, it was the turn of Tommaso Masera, who illustrated his idea of the correlation between time and the theme of the event - light, space, colour. An Italian design studio with headquarters in Hong Kong and a base of operations in Shenzhen (China), Masera Design was founded in 2011 by Tommaso Masera. After several years of experience in the watchmaking industry, in 2016 Masera decided to launch his own timepiece brand Atto Verticale, which offers hand-wound mechanical watches. In 2018, Masera Design's second brand was born, namely OffStage, featuring an innovative dial with a coloured mirror lens, a material never before applied in watchmaking. "Clocks, losing their primary function of signalling time, are increasingly acquiring a value intangible linked to emotions. They are objects that express their being and signal, no longer time, but the personality of the wearer. This is why our products focus so much on the emotional quality and also develop it through the play of colours and light reflections'. - declares Tommaso Masera, designer of the brand. The event was held in the beautiful location Zona K, in the emerging design district of Isola, next to the contemporary architectural masterpiece Bosco Verticale, designed by architect Boeri.