Ultra-resistant materials and high-tech functions: the G-Shock GST-B200

G-Shock presents the latest addition to the G-Steel collection: the GST-B200, which completes the range of multilayered design watches by adding carbon to stainless steel. This makes these watches even more resistant but at the same time lighter. Thanks to the use of carbon, it was possible to reduce the size of the case, which now has a dial that is 2.8 millimetres wider but thinner (case thickness reduced by 2.6 millimetres). In addition to the use of the new material, the GST-B200 integrates solar charging technology, which allows solar cells to power the watch autonomously and ecologically by storing excess energy in a battery, and Bluetooth Smart®, which allows the time to be easily set and a host of other useful functions to be accessed via the smartphone. Available in three variants and at a recommended retail price starting at 279 euros.