Maurice Lacroix espouses Parkour philosophy

Maurice Lacroix sposa la filosofia del Parkour

Who is David Belle? He is a French athlete who created 'Parkour', a movement speciality somewhere between an art and a philosophy of life that consists of overcoming obstacles and pushing the limits to find one's own way. It is a movement art that aims to develop, to the same degree, all human abilities: running, jumping, grasping, hanging, and each movement is performed not as an end in itself but as a reaction to the environment, without any aids. Many will remember Belle's participation in Luc Besson's 2004 film 'Banlieu 13', in which she and her athletes performed all the action and combat scenes.

The same philosophy of overcoming one's limits by finding innovative ways and solutions is the same that has driven Maurice Lacroix in the creation of the Memoire 1, undoubtedly one of the most interesting models seen at the recent Spring Salons. This extraordinary chronograph features the first 'memory' function used on a mechanical watch: by pressing the button integrated into the crown, the mode (displayed on the dial at 3 o'clock) changes from 'Time' to 'Chrono'. The change between the two modes is possible even when the chronograph is running, and this without the information of either function being lost. This is why the Swiss watchmaker has chosen to be the new official partner of David Belle and Parkour. The official presentation of Mémoire 1 took place on 2 April in Basel. At the launch evening, David Belle and his team performed for the first time for Maurice Lacroix. Philippe C. Merk, CEO of Maurice Lacroix, is delighted with this collaboration: 'Parkour is a dynamic, elegant and extremely precise art of movement that conveys a strong message. Maurice Lacroix, by vocation, also overcomes obstacles in an innovative way. This is why the performances by David Belle and his team perfectly reflect the work we have done with Mémoire 1".