Magical night in Padua

Piazza dei Signori e Torre dell'Orologio
Piazza dei Signori and Clock Tower

An extraordinary evening in Padua next 24 September, in Piazza dei Signori, with the 3D projection of the history of the 14th-century Palazzo dell'Orologio performed right on its external façade. With effects of great realism, the Palazzo will first appear in its current form, then the Orologio will reverse its course and the rubble will explode, the Palazzo will be stripped of its Renaissance "coat" and will show itself, with its exposed bricks, in its 14th-century appearance. We will be able to contemplate the burning of the clock, as it actually happened, and finally witness a new inversion of the hands of the clock that will take it to the future, showing us the palace as it might be in a few centuries. "The passing of time as you have never seen it" is the theme and slogan of this technological performance and also that of the science and technology that saw the city of Padua excel, on a European level, in its golden century, the 14th century. The event closes the 2010 Carrarese Summer, which saw over two hundred events including theatre, film and music activities.