Octopus X G-Shock

G-Shock presents a new addition to the brand's series of collaboration models: two limited edition Octopus x G-Shock watches, created from the DW-5600 and GA-2100 models.The Octopus X G-Shock collaboration creates a synergy between two brands that share not only a passion for street-style, but also great recognisability, Octopus Brand thanks to the typical maxi-print graphics of its garments, and G-Shock for its iconic cases. Born in Milan in 2005, Octopus Brand immediately established itself as a reference brand for lovers of urban style. From street-style to collectable brand, Octopus quickly managed to attract the attention of the general public with collaborations not only in the fashion sphere, but also in the world of music, from the most recent with trap music icon Tha Supreme, through Madman (rapper) and Rainbow6 (video game), to cartoons with Spongebob. "With G-Shock we are always looking for new ideas and brands to collaborate with, that are appreciated by a young audience attentive to new trends, but that first of all espouse the same philosophy and values of our brand," says Jessica Sisto, Brand Manager Watch Division of Casio Italia. "With Octopus it was love at first sight, we couldn't miss the opportunity to create a collaboration model together. We thus designed two watches that fully reflect the identity of our brands and we can't wait to see those 'indestructible tentacles' on the wrists of our fans." Both watch straps have been wrapped in Octopus Brand's tentacle graphic, which for G-Shock comes in a bandana pattern in full black or black/red. It is precisely the bandana - a key street-style garment worn by numerous rebellious stars - that identifies with the imagery linked to rap music and street style of Octopus and G-Shock. The straps also feature the Octopus Brand logo. The watches are sold in a special pack, which is also decorated with the Octopus X G-Shock bandana pattern and contains a real bandana as a special gift. Both Octopus X G-Shock models are available at the G-Shock flagship store in Corso Como in Milan and on the G-Shock and Octopus e-commerce site, at the recommended retail price of 149 euros.