Omega: the 2018 edition of 'Speedy Tuesday' on sale

For the second time, Omega is offering a watch for sale online on the brand's Instagma profile: the new "Speedy Tuesday". It is the Speedmaster Limited Edition 42 mm "Ultraman" which pays tribute to the protagonist of the TV series of the same name, a Japanese saga created by Tsuburaya Productions, one of the most famous examples of the genre dedicated to kaiju "giant monsters". The new "Speedy Tuesday" dedicated to Ultraman is a fun watch, full of references to 1970s Japanese science fiction, and space-proof, thanks to the features it shares with the 1967 "Moonwatch". The seconds hand is inspired by the '67 original, retaining its size and colour. Equipped with a black and orange anodised aluminium bezel, it conceals some secret weapons in the counters. As Ultraman could only transform into a superhero for 3 minutes, the first 3 minutes of the relevant counter at 3 o'clock are highlighted in orange. The seconds counter at 9 o'clock, on the other hand, conceals Ultraman's profile, visible only thanks to a special instrument supplied with the watch. Resuming the shape of Ultraman's Beta Capsule, the strap replacement tool has a UV light at the end, indispensable for revealing the hero's features on the dial. It comes with a black and orange Nato strap and an additional black leather strap. In a limited edition of just 2,012 pieces, it can be reserved by visiting the dedicated page:
The price is 6,020 euro.