Original or copy?

Originale o copia?

It is known that counterfeit brands are becoming more and more common. They range from very low quality copies to fakes that are difficult to distinguish at first glance. Fortis, for example, reports a copy of its B-42 Official Cosmonauts Chronograph. Here are the differences and similarities: the case is identical in size and shape to the original, but it houses a quartz chronograph, whereas the real Fortis is an automatic chronograph. The main features are visibly the same, such as the hands, crown, pushers, bezel and bracelet, and the logo stamped on the case back. One obvious difference, however, is the serial number plate on the case middle, which in the original is attached with two screws while in the fake it is laser-engraved.

CLOCK is carrying out a campaign against fakes and their dissemination. What do you think? Both of the fakes and the people who wear them?