Richard Mille: Rambo's watch

Richard Mille has developed the new RM 25-01 Adventure tourbillon chronograph in collaboration with Sylvester Stallone. The spirit is to overcome the most hostile environmental conditions, just like Rambo, the famous character brought to the silver screen by the American actor. With never-before-seen functions at its core, the RM 25-01 provides the wearer with a tool to safely resolve dangerous situations wherever they may be. The choice of the round case (not the traditional Richard Mille tonneau) is due to the fact that it houses a compass, an indispensable tool for every man of adventure, which Stallone requested for this watch. As for the movement, the RM 25-01 encapsulates the best of Richard Mille technology, combining the tourbillon complication with a chrono function. It took the brand's specialists many months to optimise the movement's structure and components: they succeeded in containing its weight while increasing both precision and consistency of performance over the long term. The reduction in inertia in general has resulted in reduced energy consumption of the 50%. The large autonomy of 70 hours is controllable via the torque and function indicators. The 24-hour dial is essential for distinguishing day from night in places without sunlight. The case is made of titanium and Carbon TPT, an unalterable composite that has become the brand's hallmark with its characteristic aesthetics; this combination of elements allows the weight of the watch to be considerably reduced.
The RM 25-01 comes with two interchangeable bezels. The first consists of a grade 5 titanium compass with DLC surface coating, composed of two parts, one fixed and one rotating. It is quickly attached to the case thanks to a 'bayonet' system. The Carbon TPT cover bears a mirror and an aperture at 12 o'clock for more precise pointing of the compass hand. The sapphire crystals with multi-layer anti-reflective treatment are coated with an antimagnetic barrier to prevent interference between the watch movement and the compass. The compass can be replaced by the second interchangeable device, a bidirectional rotating bezel in Carbon TPT and titanium with the four cardinal points, a 360° graduated disc and a 24-hour scale. Operation requires no calculations. Simply point the hour hand towards the sun and turn the rotating bezel to indicate the local time to find the north-south and east-west direction. At 2 o'clock is a small hermetic compartment made of grade 5 titanium that can hold tablets to purify up to a litre of water from any source in 30 to 120 minutes depending on the level of pollution.