Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight Trilogy

As a self-conscious serial innovator, Roger Dubuis firmly believes in a lifestyle of audacity. This is reflected in the intrepid spirit and unbridled creativity inherent in his DNA, which continually pushes him into unknown territories in both aesthetic and technical research. Inevitably, the result of this approach is a unique form of avant-garde watchmaking that finds its expression in daring timepieces. Roger Dubuis instinctively and unfailingly creates models designed for an exclusive clientele composed of people who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. With them in mind, the Maison today presents the Excalibur Blacklight Trilogy. This new model offers a particularly artistic version of the iconic RD820SQ calibre, characterised by a decoration made using technology never before applied in the Haute Horlogerie industry. The calibre thus takes on a completely new dimension by offering a mix of materials that have resulted in a unique and contemporary design. The result is, to all intents and purposes, a mechanical objet d'art. Within this fascinating construction, what can to all intents and purposes be considered the iconic movement within the Maison's production, the "Astral Skeleton", is based on an innovative technology that exploits microstructures of synthetic sapphire crystal identical to those used for watch rubies. The aesthetic and creative dimension - which Roger Dubuis likes to call "expressive singularity" - by which the calibre is imbued, creates the impression of a true 3D mechanical sculpture. This sensation is reinforced by the property of this material to sparkle when exposed to UV rays, revealing (in the dark of night) the pattern that seems to float in the case. In a final profusion of effects achieved through the skilful use of technology, the skilled craftsmen at the Roger Dubuis workshops have set the diamond in the centre of the Astral Skeleton so that it stands out in all its splendour. This effect further accentuates its taut lines and extraordinary visual depth generating multiple levels and angles. The 42 mm Blacklight Trilogy is produced in a limited edition of 28 pieces in pink gold, accompanied by a blue version produced in 88 pieces with a white gold or black DLC titanium case. All models are Poinçon de Genève certified. The pink gold version is sold exclusively in the Maison's boutiques.