Stefano Accorsi: exclusive performance for Jaeger-LeCoultre

Exclusive Jaeger-LeCoultre evening Playing with Orlando - Solo Stefano Accorsi

On Thursday 28 March, to celebrate the great success of Stefano Accorsi's theatrical tour, Jaeger-LeCoultre organised an extraordinary date of the show "Giocando con Orlando - Assolo" at the OFF/OFF Theatre in Via Giulia for the customers of the Boutique in Rome, on the Spanish Steps. Linked to the Maison by an association consolidated over the years, Stefano Accorsi thrilled friends of the House and fans of fine watchmaking with an exclusive performance taken from Orlando Furioso. Dressed in the shoes of such a knight, Stefano Accorsi took on the theme of love and its declinations in Ariosto's opera.
The show 'Giocando con Orlando - Assolo' is composed of traces, memories, readings from Ludovico Ariosto's Orlando furioso according to Marco Baliani, who wrote the direction and stage adaptation, and the set design is by Mimmo Paladino.

Credits Ph Sebastiano Pessina

Courtesy Jaeger-LeCoultre