TAG Heuer: ingenuity and savoir-faire

On 11 June, some lucky members of L'Orologio Club had the opportunity to visit the TAG Heuer production workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds and learn more about the Swiss brand. Starting with the Isograph carbon composite balance spring, manufactured in-house using a patented process. First integrated into the Carrera Nanograph with tourbillon device, it was implemented on the Autavia 2019 collection: aimed at improving the precision of a watch, it is completely antimagnetic and insensitive to strong shocks and temperature variations. One of the moments most appreciated by the participants was being able to closely observe the different assembly phases, as well as being able to witness the shock tests on certain parts of the watch: traction, friction and torsion tests conducted on the leather strap or metal bracelet, to test their reactions when undergoing strenuous physical activity, or the shock tests, carried out by dropping the watches from different heights, placed in special Plexiglas cubes. Also very much appreciated by L'Orologio Club members was the viewing of the new collections, including the wrist test of models. First and foremost, the new Autavia, which has now become a real line with its own soul, a bit like the Carrera and the Aquaracer. The last step of the visit, the TAG Heuer 360° Museum, on the ground floor of the building housing the manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds: it is dedicated to the past and present vicissitudes of the Swiss brand, but also to its link with the world of sport, enabling our fans to learn more about the technical and aesthetic innovations applied to motor racing timekeeping and wristwatch models, innovations recognised as milestones in the history of Swiss watchmaking. Confirming the close relationship with the world of motorsport, guests were also shown the partnership activities with its ambassadors, present and past.