TAG Heuer - Ambassador Patrick Dempsey stars in 'Devils' series

TAG Heuer ambassador Patrick Dempsey stars in the series Diavoli, the highly anticipated thriller about the ruthless world of finance airing from 17 April on SKY Atlantic In particular, the American actor plays the role of Dominic Morgan, CEO of the New York London Investment Bank and mentor to Alessandro Borghi, who plays the unscrupulous Head of Trading Massimo Ruggero. Based on the bestseller 'I Diavoli' by Guido Maria Brera, the series has finally arrived on Italian screens. A charismatic actor and gentleman driver, Patrick Dempsey is inextricably linked to the Swiss sports chronograph brand, a perfect ambassador for the passions that have driven it since its foundation. A sport & glamour icon in the world of motor sports, he loves speed and sport, tackling challenges with a spirit of adventure and a #dontcrackunderpressure mindset. Patrick Dempsey's favourite TAG Heuer models include the Monaco series, linked to the imagery of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, in which Patrick himself took part with his team, Dempsey Racing, and the new Autavia series, designed for a modern-day explorer who knows how to manage his time to pursue his passions.