Tappy Technologies: contactless payments

Tappy Technologies Ltd, a Hong Kong-based company, has developed an advanced contactless payment system for integration into watches, jewellery and various other accessories, which was presented at the Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair. It is a module with an NFC (Near Field Communication) antenna that can be inserted into a movement holder to be assembled into the steel cases of almost all mechanical and quartz watches. The watch is thus transformed into a wearable device with a contactless payment system. The 'Flexitag' module, also equipped with an NFC antenna, battery-free, foldable and removable, can be integrated into a watch strap or jewellery. Users can thus make payments without using a credit card or smartphone. How? First, they have to take a picture of their credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Union Pay) using the Tappy mobile app. Then, they simply synchronise their Tappy account with their wearable. And that's it. The system can load up to 8 credit cards.

We do not know details of the security system but for more information you can click here