Precious Time - 24-25 September 2017

FESTINA_f20327_1The Binda Italia, Energy Power, Festina, Liu Jo Luxury, Png68 Designed by Franco Pianegonda and Timex Groups have joined forces to organise an event that is unique of its kind in Italy. The appointment is in Vicenza on Sunday 24 and Monday 25 September in the setting of Villa Bonin Maistrello, one of the most enchanting Venetian villas: it is in this historic context that the participating companies will have the opportunity to present their brands and new collections to the most important market players, selected and involved in these meetings. In addition to the two days of work, the evening of 24 September will offer an event within an invitation-only event. Villa Valmarana ai Nani will host an exclusive cocktail party enhanced by music, entertainment and high quality food: a further moment of sharing and discussion, in a magical and relaxed atmosphere. Customers wishing to take part in the Precious Time Days are invited to register using the online format available on the event website For the first time in Italy, competing companies in the watch and jewellery industry are joining forces with a common purpose, strong in the value of their brands and with a passion more alive than ever for a market that is going through a particularly complex phase. A phase that is necessarily also leading to radical transformations, clearly evident in the way of studying business strategies, of striving for leadership. But also, more profoundly, transformations in thinking and mentality. The Festina Group is a great believer in this initiative, so much so that it was its promoter. 'Precious Time' is a great sign of change on the part of companies. The time of rivalries that often lead nowhere is over. An era of collaboration begins, albeit bound by competitive market logics, which will benefit everyone. Especially to our end customers,' comments Paolo Galimberti, General Manager of the Group's Italian branch. 'Change happens because someone makes it happen. We and all the member groups think that this is an epoch-making change in which, alongside the business, there must be a relationship with the customer made up not only of 'commission copy' but also of a moment of pleasant conviviality that institutional trade fairs lack. Each company will have a large dedicated space in which to welcome potential customers, interlocutors who would like information, or even just those who would like to have a discussion, to exchange their point of view with operators in the sector who receive input from the market every day. Tempo Prezioso will turn into fertile ground, in which new projects, new relationships and, why not, new ideas can germinate. The Binda company, which immediately joined the 'Tempo Prezioso' project with enthusiasm, will be present with all its brands and a wide range of both watches and jewellery. "For over one hundred years, Binda has strongly believed in the alliance with the customer, who is in fact the company's first ambassador, the interface with the consumer through whom the passion, research, and assiduous work behind every brand and every product must filter," says Simone Binda, who with his brother Marcello is CEO of the company founded in 1906 by their grandfather Innocente. "Without loyal customers, who believe in us, there would be no business; that is why, since its origins, Binda has always promoted the relationship with its dealer network. The comparison with those who, in this market, are in the field every day makes it possible to gather important input; the reciprocal exchange of views gives rise to original stimuli, suggestions, insights that can also contribute to perfecting the proposals. Since all processes of conception, development and production are directly followed within the company, we are able to intervene on the product in a timely manner. By supporting and taking an active part in 'Tempo Prezioso', in addition to presenting the novelties of all our brands, we are therefore also confirming our firm desire to continue to engage in constructive and direct dialogue with our customers, above all by placing ourselves in a position to listen. "Energy Power and Okay Original Kreation are proud to participate in a unique and innovative event of its kind such as 'Tempo Prezioso'," says Stefano Abbati of Ebnergy Power. "Together with some of the most important brands on the Italian and international market, we shared the desire to create an event that would go beyond the mere display of the product, that would break free from the logic of trade fair events, favouring a way of interacting with customers that would be remembered and, above all, experienced. 'Tempo Prezioso' represents the desire for change, to get involved, which young companies like ours aspire to. Precisely for this reason we considered 'Tempo Prezioso' the perfect event to participate in. 'Tempo Prezioso' represents an innovation in the sector. We could not miss it!". Bruno Nardelli, of Liu Jo Luxury: "We strongly believe in "innovation", which is why we have chosen to take part since the very first edition of this project, which sees the best brands in the sector alongside us. It is important for Italy to have an event dedicated to Italian watchmaking with an exclusive format. At the event we will present the Fall Winter 2017 watch collections, while in parallel we will be at Vicenza Oro presenting the jewellery collections". "In a context of art, history, culture, such as Villa Bonin, creativity is expressed with more emphasis, with more strength," says Franco Pianegonda, "It is like the box that encloses a piece of jewellery that must also be as elegant and refined as the jewel. Villa Bonin becomes the 'box' that opens and inside holds the jewellery of the Franco Pianegonda Maison. "Tempo Prezioso" is an intimate, personal event. Customers become exclusive guests of the Maison. It is the customer who is no longer simply a customer but becomes an exclusive guest. It is time that is no longer a cold, repetitive business moment but a unique experience surrounded by beauty and culture. It is the concept of a fair that is no longer a simple exhibition but an atelier where jewellery becomes the protagonist. It is knowing how to tell using the beauty that surrounds us. The story that shapes us, enriches us every moment. 'Tempo Prezioso' is a special experience that will make the difference. A more personal, more confidential approach with the customer. An all-Italian way of representing our great craftsmanship and know-how that the world envies us. And Franco Pianegonda's creations, which like a kaleidoscope change, transform, renew, are further charged in this context, with personality, charisma, charm. The two 'creative currents': Franco Piane and PNG68 become protagonists. The journey of the artist Franco and his beloved jewellery starts here at Villa Bonin where the jewellery will perform to transport us into new experiments surrounded by the beauty that has always characterised our being Italian'. For Luca Macchioni, finally, 'It is with great enthusiasm that Timex Group Italia decided to join this beautiful initiative, believing that contact with the retailer is the basis of any corporate strategy. Decisive in the decision was the type of event, outside the box and the classic trade fair. We believe that this can only be good for a complex and articulated market like ours, which is often penalised by the distance between company and partner. As far as we are concerned, this occasion takes on even greater importance given that as of this year, our subsidiary distributes all the group's brands (Timex, Guess, Nautica, Versus Versace and Ferragamo), after years of separate distribution. We are therefore happy to be able to present ourselves to the retailers present with the complete brand portfolio".