Tonino Lamborghini:
40 years in the sign of Taurus

In 2021, the Tonino Lamborghini brand turned 40 years old. Whilst it is true that in the 1960s Ferruccio Lamborghini became world famous for his cars, that adventure lasted just 10 years, while he and his son Tonino, who was called in to work alongside him, worked on other enterprises at the same time. These included the famous tractors, but also boilers and air conditioning systems and, since 1981, a project that had nothing to do with mechanics. At the age of 34, Tonino Lamborghini founded the company that bears his name. Those were the years when Italian style was no longer expressed solely in industry and the world was looking at Italian style.

Tonino Lamborghini is now active in numerous sectors, with joint ventures and licensing agreements. It was Ferruccio Lamborghini Junior, Tonino's son, who brought watchmaking back into the company: "The starting point was the meeting with designer Fulvio Locci," Ferruccio recounts. "With him we started redesigning some lines and the first was our best seller, the Spider. Thus the Spyderleggero was born, a model that does not disown the past but makes use of current choices in terms of design and materials. "We used titanium and anticorodal aluminium to create a sandwich construction. Sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective treatment and a smoked sapphire for the dial. I sought a racing approach, which speaks of our family, but also of me and my past in motorbike racing".

What is the next step? "We are aiming even higher from a technical and design point of view. I am very proud of the new models for 2022, because they represent the level of quality I want to achieve and a major change in the way we produce watches. We have always tried to promote Made in Italy and the Italian spirit through our products, so the watch could also go in a not too distant direction...'.