The Hublot manufacture in Nyon

On 27 and 28 January 2016, three members of L'Orologio Club had the opportunity to visit both the Hublot factory in Nyon, which was inaugurated six years ago, and the new 8,000 square metre facility built next to the first building. While the original building, now called H1, has been reorganised to allow the expansion to the ground floor of the Innovation, Research & Development Department, whose activities focus mainly on new materials and complicated movements, the new H2 unit is dedicated to the manufacture of components for manufacturing movements and the production of cases. Our tour particularly focused on the innovative aspects of the brand that fascinated the guests, who spent a long time in the production department of Magic Gold, an exclusive material patented by Hublot. Another much-appreciated moment was a visit to the research and development department where unique projects are created, such as the MP-05 LaFerrari model, as well as machines and tools geared towards production or practical contributions in the fields in which the Maison is active with its economic and human support. One of these is the archaeological site of Antikythera, where the House supports the research of underwater archaeologists organised by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. To help the underwater archaeologists in their endeavours, Hublot has developed an underwater drone, currently in the testing phase, which will make it possible to scour the seabed to circumscribe the areas where dives will be carried out next.