Vote for the Watch of the Year 2020

The Orologio dell'Anno (Watch of the Year) award is back, the traditional recognition instituted by our magazine that will award the title of champion to the best timepieces of 2020. The protagonists of this year's edition are thirty-six watches, chosen by the editorial staff of L'Orologio for content, style and quality of execution based on current trends in the watch industry and the Italian market, and divided into twelve categories: Solotempo, Chronograph, Underwater Watch, Tourbillon, Complicated Watch, Design, Savoir-Faire, New Materials, Calendars, Women's Watch, New Technologies, Value for Money.

The format is the same as in previous years, with only one change in the categories: replacing the award for Mechanical Innovations is now that for New Materials, which identifies increasingly widespread research in this field. The replacement was decided, among other things, after observing that in 2020 there was little supply of mechanical innovations as we understand them. That is, of new complications, of original mechanisms to improve the precision of watches or, again, simply to amaze and fascinate. The remaining categories are the same as last year.

We at L'Orologio have chosen them, but it is up to you, the readers, to decide which of the twelve categories into which we have divided them deserve the title of Watch of the Year. To express your preference all you have to do is fill out the form published in the magazine and send it to or fill out the online form accessible at this link.

Get busy then and award the Watch of the Year 2020 with us! The winners will be announced in the November issue of The Watch.