Hip Hop Competition

Hip Hop challenges the people of the web with an ironic, playful and unconventional initiative: it is Hip Hop Blogger Buster, a real "blogger hunt" around the city, to "catch" 15 of the most loved Italian fashion bloggers. There are three opportunities to take part - Milan 3 December, Rome 10 December, Catania 17 December - and win Hip Hop watches to choose from Large, Ghost Small, Crystals Regular, Full Colour Regular and Hero Small. Here's how it works: for each of the three stages, 5 of the most popular fashion bloggers on the net will go around the main squares of each city, equipped with a GPS device. In order to be found, they will post photographic clues of their location on the Hip Hop Facebook fan page. The cleverest who manages to locate them all and take a picture with them will be able to take home their favourite Hip Hop collection. To enter the competition, simply become a fan of the Hip Hop Watches facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/HipHopwatches) and follow the entry instructions. A few days before the official opening of the hunt, participants will receive the link from which they can download the special Blogger Buster app for free, compatible with all IOS and Android smartphones. Happy hunting to all!