Editorial on demand

"About the Furlan Marri phenomenon, Baltic, Ming, etc...'
Microbrands are a phenomenon that we have been following for some years now, thanks to the column with the self-evident title 'Microbrand', edited by Francesco Patti. For some time now, there has been great ferment around independent watchmakers, but also around new manufacturers who, working together with external suppliers (not only Swiss), offer watches with a personality of their own. Of Furlan Marri, Baltic and Ming, I personally find Ming more appealing, as it offers an original design, while the other two follow 1940s, 1950s and 1960s lines and dials.
All three are nevertheless interesting and I invite you to go and discover them.

"The biggest news of the year'
We have already answered this question with our Yearbook, on newsstands now, which offers a selection of what we consider to be the coolest pieces of 2021. However, the surprises are not over. Because there is at least one more major launch coming in mid-December.

"About the issue that you can't and can no longer buy a Rolex from official dealers. Is it legal?"
It is not legal to purchase goods of uncertain origin. On the other hand, the fact that dealers do not have product availability does not break any laws. The phenomenon of lack of availability affects several brands. There are various reasons for this: demand has grown, brands have chosen to become more exclusive, there is difficulty in sourcing raw materials. As far as the commercial policies of shops are concerned, manufacturers exercise strict control to try to avoid speculation phenomena that damage their image. But the shopkeeper, of course, is an entrepreneur and decides on his own regularly purchased goods. The phenomenon, on the other hand, is helping new names to emerge and this is not a bad thing for the industry, quite the contrary.

"Revelations about the next Watches and Wonders?"
It will be an in-person and digital event. I can anticipate that the live show, in Geneva, will unfortunately not be open to the public.