Editorial - Not only unreachable

Mid-priced models that communicate emotion and value, although they do not belong to the category of what are called 'dream watches'.

Venezianico Redentore UltraBlack

I recently read an editorial that spoke of dreaming, referring to those watches that are so unattainable that many (but not all) can only dream of them. This gave me pause for thought, because I do not believe that timepieces accessible to a wider public cannot be 'dreamed of'. On the contrary. Their merit is that they excite the many people who wear them on their wrists.
On 28 November, we presented our Watch of the Year award to the 12 winners in as many categories in the competition.

Wyler Vetta Jumbostar Milano-SanremoThe most competitive is 'Value for Money', in which mid-range watches compete. This year the award, given by readers voting online at orologioblog.net, went to the Venetian Redentore Ultrablack. A watch that, for 500 euros, offers an absolute black dial (despite not using the expensive and more valuable carbon nanotube technology) and a Seiko automatic movement.

Mido Ocean Star Decompression Worldtimer M026.829.17.041.00

In the same category was Wyler Vetta, whose Jumbostar chronographs, inspired by a 1960s model with a Landeron movement, I admire.
Another 'beautiful and possible' watch that excites me is the Mido Decompression Timer, with its 80-hour power reserve calibre. And the Hamilton Ventura, Elvis's watch, as well as the first electric timepiece.

Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton H24525331

Not only big brands. Those who follow our Microbrand column have learned about small companies that offer interesting watches at low prices. Not least, many of these are the product of young Italian companies.
In my limited list, Seiko and Citizen cannot, of course, be forgotten: Japanese quality and iconic watches at a very affordable price even in the mechanical range.

Seiko - SPB377J1

Let's not just dream, then. But let's study what the market offers, because even spending much less than 2,500 euros, one can choose original watches with a respectable history and design.

Citizen NH8400-87L