Editorial - Daylight saving time: yes or no?

This year, the change from daylight saving time to summer time will take place on Easter Day. At 2 a.m. between Saturday and Sunday, therefore, remember to move the hands forward one hour.

ora legale

If you have to sleep at 2 am, the night before Easter, instead of celebrating Holy Saturday at the disco, remember to do it as soon as you wake up, before you bite into eggs, coral, casatiello or colomba at the wrong time!

Tudor Black Bay

Nowadays, with smartphones, the danger is far less serious, but it happened to me as a child that I quietly spent the weekend ignoring the changeover to daylight saving time and showed up an hour late for school on Monday. Or of calculating an extra hour, as soon as I woke up, only to discover that my sleepless father had already put back all the clocks in the house.
It makes one smile a little to read articles still today warning people of these possible accidents. An eternal copycat that will perhaps only end with the extinction of Generation X.

ora legale

However, summer time is not without its dangers. One study claims, for example, that the changeover to summer time coincides with an increase in heart attacks, which would, however, decrease with the return to daylight saving time (poor consolation, if you already had a heart attack in March).

IWC Pilot

Almost everyone agrees that this practice does not bring great savings in energy consumption. Surely, on the other hand, daylight saving time is good for the economy, since people can enjoy the already long summer evenings for longer, instead of locking themselves away at home watching TV. This is most probably the real reason why it is not abolished.

Vacheron Constantin

Yet its elimination would make thousands of watch collectors happy, who twice a year have to devote themselves to setting the time on dozens of watches. The latter are divided into two factions: those who do it immediately and those who wait, like me. Sometimes even until the time returns, because twice a day even a stopped watch tells the correct time.