Gioielleria Colombo is partner of the Monza-Resegone

Gioielleria Colombo is an editorial partner of the historic Monza-Resegone, a running competition celebrating a century of history this year.

The Monza-Resegone, one of the oldest and most prestigious running competitions that has brought the streets of Monza to life for a centuryis preparing to celebrate 100 years of history, having taken its first steps in 1924. On the occasion of this important anniversary, a book entitledMonza Resegone. One hundred years of running, friendship and passion', which tells the fascinating story and unique emotions that accompany this path of challenges and values. The 62nd edition of the Monza-Resegone is scheduled for Saturday 22 June. The press conference presenting the competition, attended by the organisers and speakers, took place on 12 April. This year, Gioielleria Colombo plays the role of partner and promoter of the publishing initiative.

Monza-Resegone: 100 years of the historic race

The words of Dario Colombo, owner of the jeweller's shop of the same name, which promoted this important competition

"Gioielleria Colombo is proud to support the Monza-Resegone on the occasion of the important milestone of this 2024 edition. We strongly wished that this historic competition, on the occasion of its centenary, could have a resonance commensurate with its value dimension. For this reason, we chose to be promoters and supporters in the production of the book 'Monza Resegone. 100 years of running, friendship and passion'. Since our establishment in the heart of Monza, at Via Carlo Alberto 6, a stone's throw from the Arengario, where the historic sporting event kicks off, we promote initiatives that are symbolic of our territory.

Dario Colombo with daughters Benedetta and Caterina.

The race not only testifies to the participants' sporting prowess, but also celebrates the beauty and richness of the Brianza region. Finally, we applaud the commitment of the Società Alpinisti Monzesi, which organises the event. Their tireless work and the passion they dedicate to the realisation of this event are fundamental to its success and its continuity over time. Their dedication fully embodies the spirit of collaboration and community that characterises the Monza-Resegone and makes it an unmissable event on the sporting and cultural scene", stated Dario Colombo, owner of the jewellery store of the same name.

La Gioielleria Colombo, guardian of a family tradition devoted to excellencehas been an integral part of the life of Monza, its surroundings and its inhabitants for three generations. Located a stone's throw from the majestic Monza cathedral, the jewellery store has always lived and operated in harmony with the local community. It is precisely this deep connection with the history and culture of the areacombined with the spirit of excellence and passion that drives Gioielleria Colombo, to make its decision to become an editorial partner of such an important project for the city natural and meaningful.