Inauguration of the kindergarten in the village of Paccarictambo named after Angelo d'Arrigo.

Inaugurazione dell’asilo nel paesino di Paccarictambo intitolato ad Angelo d'Arrigo.

We at L'OROLOGIO have had the good fortune to get to know and appreciate a great champion, but above all a great man, who was Angelo d'Arrigo. We were bound to him by a relationship of collaboration, having followed with great interest his latest venture, about which we have spoken extensively in several issues of our magazine. The projects of Angelo, who has always been involved in numerous humanitarian initiatives in favour of children in poor areas of the world, continue today through his wife, Laura Mancuso, and the Foundation named after him. We are therefore extremely happy to be able to announce an important milestone reached by the Angelo d'Arrigo Foundation demonstrating a growing commitment to ecology and solidarity initiatives. On 31 January, Laura Mancuso inaugurated a kindergarten in the small village of Paccarectambo, Peru. The construction of the structure represented the conclusion of the Wawa wasi project, the first international initiative promoted by the association. The visit to South America was also an opportunity to check the health of condors born in captivity and bred by d'Arrigo using the imprinting technique and reintroduced into their natural habitat in 2006.